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PolyOne's Gravi-Techâ„¢ polymer-metal composites offer a high-performance thermoplastic-based alternative to lead and traditional metals. Using a variety of metallic fillers, these compounds have densities similar to traditional metals, while offering design and processing flexibility.


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Gravi-Tech polymer-metal composites allow for greater design freedom and eliminate the costly and time-consuming finishing operations associated with traditional metal die casting and machining.


The primary features and benefits of Gravi-Tech compounds are:

  1. Customized density, offering a wide range of specific gravities from 1.5 to 11 gm/cm3
  2. Broad modulus range, from very flexible to very rigid
  3. Corrosion resistance, withstanding oxidation for long-term use and benefit
  4. Chemical resistance, withstanding fuels, oils, and other harsh chemicals


Gravi-Tech polymer-metal composites can be custom formulated for your exact end use application.

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