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Taita Chemical

Taita Chemical Company, Limited is a plastics producer of a wide range of styrene derivatives, including ABS, GPS, IPS and EPS. TTC, over the past 50 years, has steadily grown in capacities and gained a strong market acceptance with an international recognition for high quality through its registered trade names TAITALAC® and TAITACELL®.

We understand the dynamics of the fast-changing global market and in particular the Asian region. Our development strategy is two-pronged: 1) Expand in the emerging markets; and 2) Transform into higher-value added product lines. From our home base Taiwan, we successfully established two operating plants in the recent years, Zhongshan in Southern China, and Tianjin in the north of China. Together with these and other manufacturing facilities we have built an extensive marketing network to meet the domestic Taiwan and China demand, as well as for exports into Southeast Asia, Indian subcontinent, Middle East, Europe and North America.

As a member of a sizable petrochemical group, TTC also focuses on incorporating our group RD capabilities to develop and diversify into new specialty products to further enhance our profitability, improve service to our customers, and to meet future market trends.

It is also worth mentioning of our two other product lines: Cubic Printing (Water Pressure Transfer Painting) and Glass Wool. We are the major producer of these products in the Taiwan market, and will continue to improve our quality and efficiency to maintain our leadership position.

Since the inception and over the past decades, TTC staffs demonstrated a spirit of relentless pursuit of excellence, which can be summed up with the following expression "PRIDE":

Proactive & Professional
Responsible & Responsive
Innovative & Integrity
Dedicated & Determined
Excellent & Enthusiastic

It is with these core values and commitments we will build a better and stronger future for TTC and our shareholders.

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